download Your file 2020

Files can be downloaded from the MediaFire Cloud to your device via you web browser.  To download a file from the MediaFire Cloud to your computer, follow these steps.

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1. Locate the file in your account you would like to download.

2. Select the file, or files, you would like to download by clicking the box next to the file name(s).  (Multiple file and folder selection, bulk download, is only available for pro and business users.  Free/Basic accounts can only select on file at a time for download)

  1. Basic User – Clicking the download button will take you to the download dialogue.From this dialogue box you can choose to add the file to your account (by clicking the flame with a plus sign), go to the sharing dialogue (by clicking the box with an arrow), copy the share link to you clipboard (by clicking the chain link icon), viewing the file (by clicking on View), and downloading your file (by clicking on DOWNLOAD).  To download the file to your computer, select DOWNLOAD.